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Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India

Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India

Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India – In the medical field, women’s health is the main priority of all the best Gynae PCD Companies in India. The gynaecologist comes forward with a variety of services to deal with the treatment of women’s diseases, especially reproductive organs. The Gynecology term means the Science of women and very essential in the Pharmaceutical Sector. Here is a list of the best 10 Gynaecology Companies to meet your demands.

Market Demand for Gyane Products in India – 

In recent years, there has been a growing awareness of women’s health issues in India. This is due to a number of factors, including increased access to education, the rise of social media, and government initiatives to promote women’s health. As a result, more women are now aware of the importance of taking care of their reproductive health, and they are more likely to seek out gyne products.

As the Indian economy has grown, more and more people have disposable income. This means that they are able to afford to spend money on gyne products, which are often seen as a luxury item.

According to a report by Mordor Intelligence, the gyne products market in India is expected to reach USD 1.56 billion by 2028. This represents a CAGR of 14.85% from 2023 to 2028. The report also states that the market is being driven by the increasing awareness of women’s health issues, the rise in disposable income, and the growing popularity of online shopping.

Sure, here are some stats on the market demand for gyne products list in India:
  • The market size of gyne products in India is expected to reach USD 1.56 billion by 2028.
  • The CAGR of the market is expected to be 14.85% from 2023 to 2028.
  • The major drivers of the market are increasing awareness of women’s health issues, rise in disposable income, and growing popularity of online shopping.
  • The key segments of the market are product type (sanitary pads, tampons, panty liners, menstrual cups, and others), distribution channel (offline and online), and region (North India, South India, East India, West India, and Central India).
  • The major players in the market are Procter & Gamble, Johnson & Johnson, Kimberly-Clark, Unicharm, Dabur, and ITC.

Here are some specific examples of the growing demand for gyne products in India:

  • The sales of sanitary pads in India are expected to reach 22 billion units by 2028.
  • The online market for gyne products is growing at a CAGR of 20%.
  • The demand for menstrual cups is increasing in India, as more women are becoming aware of the benefits of this product.

The growing demand for gyne products in India is a positive development for women’s health. It means that more women are now able to access the products they need to take care of their reproductive health. This is also a good opportunity for businesses, as the market for gyne products is growing rapidly.

PCD Gynae Franchise Price List – 

The price list for a PCD gynae franchise can vary depending on factors such as the company, product range, and location. Typically, the investment required can range from INR 50,000 to INR 200,000. The pricing is influenced by the reputation and standing of the company offering the franchise, as more established and renowned companies may charge higher fees. The product range offered by the franchise will also impact the cost, with a wider range often commanding a higher price. Moreover, the location of the franchise plays a role, as franchises in major cities tend to be more expensive compared to those in smaller towns. It’s important to consider additional expenses such as inventory and marketing costs when evaluating the overall investment. Despite these expenses, a PCD gynae franchise can be a lucrative business opportunity.

Here are some of the benefits of owning a PCD gynae franchise:

  • Low initial investment: The initial investment required to start a PCD gynae franchise is relatively low. This makes it a good option for entrepreneurs who are looking to start a business with a limited budget.
  • High profit margins: The profit margins for PCD gynae franchises are typically very high. This means that you can earn a significant income from your business.
  • Low competition: The market for PCD gynae products is still relatively new, which means that there is not a lot of competition. This makes it easier to break into the market and establish your business.

List of Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India

Ojana pharmaceuticals

Ojana Pharmaceuticals is Gynae Range Pharma Company that deal in providing services to sort out the problem of women’s health problems. We are developing a wide range of products, including birth control pills, Iron supplements, and nutrition, Female infertility, which are affordable. All the products are demanded across India due to their top-notch quality.

Registered address- Nanhera Road, Kuldeep Nagar, Ambala Cantt-133001

Sure Win Healthcare

Sure Win Healthcare is a fast-growing Gynae Pharma Franchise in India that comes up with a wide range of Infertility Medicines and other products throughout India. They are the best gynecological company with a solution for all infertility problems. The PCD Company believes in providing excellent customer service to meet market expectations. 

Registered address – Plot No. 407, HSIIDC, Industrial Area, Phase-1, Panchkula-134113

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals

Krishlar Pharmaceuticals is another of India’s leading Gynae PCD Companies that assist in solving women’s problems. All women highly recommend them because they offer high-quality medicine in the Gynae industry. They also promise infrastructural facilities and magnificent production arrangements, which lead to the growth in the quality of their products without any hassle. 

Registred Address – SCO-317, 1st & 2nd floor, motor market, manimajra Chandigarh-160101


Gladfem is well-respected and offers a wide range of services with the best quality products at the best rates. The Gynae Company is an ISO-GMP-WHO-certified company. The products and medicines are manufactured in their manufacturing units. They ensure that all the products in more than 200+ ranges are of the best quality and operate across India. 

Registered Address – Plot. No. 203, Industrial Area, Sector 82, Mohali

Moruf Life Sciences

Moruf Lifesciences is an ISO 9001:2015 and GMP CERTIFIED COMPANY that provides top-quality solutions to women in the Gynea sector. The company is handled by professionals who aim to deliver the best medicines and other products. They deal with solving the issues of Women’s Healthcare, particularly in the female reproductive system.

Registered Address – SCO-5,6, Zirakpur-Panchkula-Kalka Hwy, near Hotel Sunpark, Wadhawa Nagar, Dhakoli, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603.


Femcorp is well-respected among the Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India, aiming to offer enormous clients satisfaction services and products. They started an ISO-certified pharma franchise company across India. They offer a wide range of services, including Cercol-D, Coral Calcium, and Vitamin D3 Tablets Carnitine Q10, Azyle-SF Kit, and many more, which relieve women’s reproductive system. 

Registered Address – Plot No. 43, Industrial Area Phase -2 Panchkula – 134113

Texas Therapeutics

Texas Therapeutics is a leading PCD franchise in India that deals with women’s infertility problems. They are the best in providing top-notch quality services to women, leading to a reputable company in India within a few years. ISO, GMP, DCGI, WHO, and FSSAI certified with quality requirements. 

Registered Address – SCO NO – 4, Dev Shopping Complex, Bhabat Rd, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Asrawell Lifecare

They are one of the top leading PCD companies with a good reputation for providing quality healthcare services in Gynae products. They offer a wide range of products, including capsules, syrups, tablets, and many more. Their products are WHO-GMP-certified. The gynaecologist are very professional and qualified in serving women’s health problems. 

Registered Address – Parwanoo, Himachal Pradesh, India, Pin – 173220

India bulls Pharmaceuticals

India Bulls Pharmaceuticals is set up in the year 2016 in New Delhi. The company supplies an exclusive range of Gynecology products in the pharmaceutical sector. They are one of India’s leading healthcare products and service providers. Our primary focus is to care the women’s health first by delivering innovative products. They are the best for offering the best and top-notch quality products at affordable rates. 

Registered Address – 62 & 63, First Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi, Delhi – 110001


Adorefem was established in 2009 that provides the top Gynaecological products across India. They also offer a wide range of Infertility Medicines that provide all solutions to Infertility problems. They have a vast network across India in delivering faster and on-time delivery. 

Registered Address – Cheema Complex, Chandigarh Ambala Highway, Preet Colony, Zirakpur, Punjab 140603

Fortune Labs

Fortune Labs is the Best Gynaecology PCD company in India. The company has a wide range of products and medicines that are available at affordable prices. An ISO-WHO-GMP-certified company that provides the one-stop solution to all kinds of women’s fertility problems. They are the top and the best gynae products manufacturer in Gynae. 

Registered Address – Sector – 16, Panchkula, Haryana, India, Pin – 134109

Frequently Asked Question about Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India – 

Question 1 What does a Gynaecologist do?

Answer 1 a Gynaecologist is a Doctor who is specialized in women’s care, especially in their reproductive system. They deal with women’s health problems such as pregnancy, menstruation, childbirth, hormone disorders, fertility disorders, etc.

Question 2 At what quality are all the Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India provide services?

Answer 2 All the Top 10 Gynae PCD Companies in India provide services of the best and top-notch quality that serve women’s health problems. 

Question 3 What is the price that all the companies offer their products?

Answer 3 All the top 10 Companies are offering products at affordable rates.