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Ojana Pharmaceuticals has been in the business of pharmaceutical manufacturing for many years and we know it takes high dedication and persistence to run on top in the pharma market. With a single motive to serve high-quality affordable medicine to customers, our professionals are manufacturing pharma medicine that is made from fine ingredients.
If you are looking for a business-oriented PCD pharma Franchise Company in India, then Ojana Pharmaceuticals is all here for you with the best policies. Being an ISO and GMP-certified company of pharmaceuticals, we prepare medicine with utmost safety and hygiene.
People see PCD Company as a high revenue model and which is true in some aspects also but on the other side, it takes the potential to run a PCD pharma company with ethics and policies. Ojana Pharmaceuticals is a high-revenue generating pharma company, manufacturing only superior quality pharma medicines.

Catch Cover

The look and design of catch covers play a crucial part in impacting the demanded excellence of drugs and pharma products produced by the Pharma Companies. So, with the use of standard look catch covers, your business will surely cultivate in a healthier way.

Prescription Pads

The traditional pads are an integral part of marketing and creation operations. Our traditional pads enable our mates to promote the products in an important effective way.

MR Bag

Bags for the medical representatives are veritably functional from a multifariousness of aspects, and they also make the Madam look further complete. This is the motive why we always offer high-quality MR bags to our guests so that they can keep on the marketing and elevations by carrying the medicines without any problems.


Key Ring with company totem an integral part of marketing and creation operation. Crucial ring makes enable our mates to promote the products in an important effective way

Visual Aids

Visual Elevations always put up an extended knowledge on the mind of your guests, be they a retailer or a medical professionals. Through us, you'll always admit stylish designed visual aids for the PCD pharma business.

Visiting Cards

Adroitly designed and professional visiting cards are one of the stylish marketing accouterments. The use of visiting cards has no volition in any of the diligence and is analogous while working in the pharma sector.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is PCD Pharma?

PCD stands for Propaganda Cum Distribution means an endorsement of distribution and advertising rights on a monopoly basis offered by a pharmaceutical company to a distributor to use their brand name on behalf of the company.

What is GST?

Goods and Services Tax (GST) is an indirect Tax that has changed many indirect Taxes in the country. Under GST, the tax is charged at every point of the deal. This tax is paid by the customers, but it is sent to the government by the industries retailing the goods and services.

How much amount is needed to start PCD Pharma Franchise?

The amount you need to invest varies according to the company you are associating with. However, If You Need a franchise you will Contact Us at Certified Number +91-72068-54542 | +91-72068-54541 or Email us at,

What is a drug license?

To establish a Pharma company, a drug license is needed. The drug control organization provides two types of drug licenses (DL). First is a retail drug license which is given to an individual who opens a pharmacist shop and the second one is a wholesale drug license which is allotted to an individual who wants to retail medications on an extensive level. 

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